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About e-Net

Article 4.3 of CEPOL’s legal mandate states that the agency’s training activities and learning products may be supported, enhanced and completed by the operation of an electronic network (e-Net).

e-Net is the entry point to CEPOL’s online learning services. It is a restricted online platform where registered users can access a wide range of information and learning resources in the law enforcement field, such as courses, seminars, webinars, online modules and scientific journals.

e-Net is open to:

  • law enforcement officers and educators from EU Member States;
  • law enforcement officers and educators from partner countries and organisations eligible to apply for an e-Net account;
  • scholars or researchers from universities or research institutes engaged in studies on law enforcement matters;
  • staff from partner European Institutions and Agencies.

e-Net users have access to the following services:

  • Learning Management System (LMS): an online platform that provides users with access to webinars, online learning modules, online courses, learning resources for participants at CEPOL courses and the CEPOL Exchange Programme, communities of practice and other learning resources;
  • e-Library: a unique European repository where researchers, scientists and institutions share research outcomes, projects or theses in support of police learning and to promote a European approach to police science;
  • e-Journals: online access to a range of the leading international police science and criminal justice journals, covering subjects such as police science, police practices, European issues and special law enforcement perspectives;
  • exclusive presentations and videos from CEPOL Research and Science Conferences.